WTS First Aid Training

Walker’s Training Service have been registered as an organisation approved by the Health & Safety Executive for the purposes of the Health & Safety (First Aid)Regulations 1981 since 1988, and later, with The First Aid Industry Body. We now operate as an independent body

Our services are used by a whole range of organisations which include; Local Authorities, Colleges, Security Companies, Health Authorities, Adult Education Services, Traffic Wardens, National Media, Parking Attendants, schools, and Finance Companies

Walker’s Training Service are able to provide courses for clients on their own premises.

We  are also able to act as a Registration Authority for Organisations who then use their own Trainers and Examiners.

In either case, all WTS ask is that courses are held on suitable premises, all trainers and examiners meet the minimum qualifications as required by the Health & Safety Executive and that all other arrangements comply with the Approved Code of Practice. To register a course through Walker’s Training Service, all you need to do is inform WTS; –

Where and when the course will be held, the names of each Trainer, including theirqualifications (if applicable), the names of each Examiner, including theirqualifications (if applicable), the date of the exam.Please contact WTS at paul.walker@wtsfirstaid.com for a very competitive quote for all your First Aid and Safety training requirements.

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